Pixel Art

-- just clic on images to see full pixel size--

Quick Sample of Isometric Pixel Art.
4 hours from start to finish (Photoshop and Graphic gale)

Most of the are from a flash game i made myself currently named as "Chainsaw rollergirl versus Zombie Aliens from hell"... im still working on that part...

The game is not finished yeat (missing the girl sprite and polish). but u can check a little version in

  1. Keyboard arrows -> MOVE
  3. Space Bar -> ACTIVE THE CHAINSAW (toogle)
  4. Watch ur Chainsaw Bar(blue bar), if its running low ur Chainsaw will ovearheat and stuck.
  5. Each gasoline fuel goes to Gasoline bar (green bar), when its full, you reach a killing spread state. go and Kill a Alien Robot.
  6. Alien Robots can´t be killed outside killing spread state.
  7. Pratice timing in activing the chainsaw.
  8. Try combos.
  9. post comments =P.

Icons for Hoplon´s MMOG Taikodom. (some are just for TaikodomEd tool).